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Let's get acquainted. My name is Elena. I love to cook. Once upon a time, when he was still a little girl, helping my mother in the kitchen, izmazyvayas head to toe in flour, dough and all the products of which we prepared. It was his mother instilled in me a love for cooking. We have in the kitchen always smelled delicious and I wanted to pull off a pie on the table, then lick the cream with just cooked cake.

As a teenager, I began to write prescriptions her great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, father, and all the other relatives, friends and even neighbors. Later, I began to collect a variety of cookbooks, interesting recipes cut from newspapers and magazines, watch cooking gear. And when the Internet was, it was collecting recipes in electronic form ...

So, looking at his wealth of recipes, I really wanted to share them with others. And so it came to me the idea of creating culinary portal.


I would like to draw your attention to the fact that most of the recipes posted on my cooking site are not my own.

I have been collecting the best, most interesting, and not so simple recipes.

Kollektsioniruya recipes from the Internet, I did not write down any author or source, because initially I only collected the recipes to make them the most, or share them with family, friends, acquaintances.

The idea of creating culinary portal appeared much later ...

I run on a culinary portal impressed me most recipes, but, unfortunately, without identifying the source and not because they want a particular recipe or a photo pass off as their own, but because I do not have any information about the author of the recipe.

In connection with this, I will have a huge request: if you meet on this site culinary recipes or photos, the authors of which you are, tell us about it to me, by adding a comment or by using the section "feedback."

I am pleased to point out the true author.

Comments posted on 18 and 19 April 2011, were deleted in error.

I beg your forgiveness for all the authors!

Thank you very much for your work!

I hope for understanding and help from your side.

Food. Short word,

But there is this strength, prowess, become!

And we are ready again, again

These three letters are repeated!




Today is Friday. The alarm clock rings ... Oh, they do not want to get up, but the idea that today is the last day gives me strength. I get up a little before my husband that would prepare breakfast, lunch, collect, in general, spend the extra half an hour in the kitchen as an exemplary wife, and could get some sleep ....

Waking up, the first thing I drink pure non-carbonated water, 1-2 glasses in the mood. The benefits of such a procedure the morning, I think, do not tell.

Usually we eat for breakfast dishes from cottage cheese and eggs. Блюда из творога и яиц But today I decided to make an exception and make hot sandwiches Бутерброды in a microwave oven , and fry for a couple of pancakes with jam . In the kitchen were such scents that her husband, who barely rises in the morning, earlier than usual, still quite sleepy, but was surprised and at the same time with curiosity in his eyes decided to see what's going on in the kitchen. He was pleasantly surprised. Breakfast was a success. After the morning meal, we vypel familiar to us drink - a cup of coffee with milk.

I am pleased with herself, and her husband, pleased with the breakfast, were ready for work. Since the opportunity to have lunch in the cafe there is only me, then I packed lunch to her husband. Usually it consists of a main dish: meat or fish , sometimes of birds , and garnish, usually porridge , sometimes potatoes (I was lucky, my husband is not picky). And of course, I never forget about salads , my family love them dearly. Of course, the most useful - it's vegetable salads . But the winter is very little fresh vegetables: cabbage, beets, carrots, pumpkin, radish. That is, perhaps, the entire set. Therefore, in the winter, mostly we eat meat salads , fish salads , mushroom salads and other salads . But in the spring, the first vegetable salad perhaps at all - it's a salad of radish. I also remember my husband for lunch in a thermos to fill some warming drink as Мясные салаты Generally it is tea with lemon or milk, sometimes in the winter when the cold goes I make tea with ginger. At this time, I tea with milk and ginger, and the tea I always try to put a sweet pastries , such as a piece of the pie, or homemade cookies, candy, cake, cupcake or muffin. Today I decided to surprise him with tubes with nuts, baked the night before. So we parted, each on his own business. And they do not want to do nothing. Sun warmed the first, after a harsh, cold winter. Spring is coming, and melting icicles dripping from the roof to the passers-by, want to quickly take off his hat and put on a light jacket, but hey, the first sun still quite deceptive, can not take the time here. Блюдо

Today I was lucky, I met with several customers, resolved all issues in state agencies and in lunch was absolutely free. But do not hurry home. We have a tradition with the girls. Every Friday we're going to a cafe or restaurant, for those currently, women's gatherings. Therefore, in anticipation of today's meeting, I did not want to go home. I wandered into a cozy cafe to have lunch. Of the meats I wanted to try the "Cheese Chicken." I was surprised, how can there be cheese .... chicken? and decided to try. It turned out incredibly tasty. Strict waiter told me the secret of this dish, but I still try to find him and make sure his family. Of the first dishes I ordered "the weary traveler Soup in a bread pot."

I could not help it, BRAVO!

On the second I ordered vegetables , steamed on the grill, liberally sprinkled with spices and seasonings , and lasagna with turkey. After eating from the belly, I decided to stay and finish my lunch dessert "Pear Dreams" with mint and apple drink . Leaving a good tip, I-fed and contented, having left a few hours before meeting with friends, decided to go shopping. And the first store, which met on my way - it's hardware store. Then I remembered that having been in Bulgaria, where the recipes are very common on the grill, my husband wanted to buy aerogrill , as our electric oven grill does not have. I Блюда went over in my head coming holidays, and finding none, decided to make a gift is absolutely no reason. And why should we give gifts only for the holidays? Need to break stereotypes. After consulting with the seller and after hearing his comments, I decided on the selection and purchase postponed to next week.

I have long been attracted Multicookings its versatility. It can be extinguished without the vegetable oil, and a small temperature during fire preserves the vitamins in foods. Meat, vegetables, fish give their juice, and the dish is cooked in its own juices. On the nose the 8th of March, and my husband breaks his head in search of a gift. Well, it's time to get delny gift. Charter wander around the store, I suddenly remembered that there is just around the corner bookstore, but not normal, but with soft sofas and armchairs.

There can be a cup of tea to choose an interesting book yourself, and enjoy reading. And if necessary to acquire this or any other publication. I cheered and headed there. On the eve of Lent , I decided to buy a small booklet to understand the mysteries of the most important and long-term fasting in Christianity. And in addition to her " Meatless Recipes ", now peep that here? salads , appetizers , soups , main dishes , cakes , desserts . Wow, I did not think it could be so many different meatless Торт dishes. This is what we need during Lent.

Then I came across a book called "The Way to Health. HERBAL MEDICINE. How to get rid of stress with the help of herbs, "the author Sue Hawks. Here I found a lot of useful recipes: hangover cure , restore libido , headache relief , how to deal with depression . In this book, I found the article about harvesting herbs , collecting and storing herbs , preparation of herbal teas , decoctions cooking , preparation of tinctures , herbs and nutrition, medicinal plants and their uses and many other articles. My grandmother has been collecting a variety of herbs, so this book will be very useful for the upcoming holiday.

Today in our meeting will be present girlfriend, who has a baby. He is very fussy and picky eating habits. Buy her a present for a book called " Children's Kitchen . " I think it would help her in dealing with children's food. Салат Yeah, here is a gift for Mom: a book entitled " Preservation ". My mom is very caring and always preserves the summer for us. She loves to close for the winter compotes , and what her lock with a delicious canned vegetables . A fruit and berries - simply Yum. Mom preserving their secrets. But, I think, in this book she will find something new, interesting and different. But the deluxe edition of " Cuisines of the world . " Since I Slav, then used mainly to prepare recipes of Russian cuisine. And sometimes inspired restaurant Chinese food in homemade sushi, and recipes on hand is not found.

Let's look at the table of contents:

Kitchens Europe : Bulgarian cuisine , Greek cuisine , Spanish cuisine , Italian cuisine , German cuisine , Polish cuisine , French cuisine , Czech cuisine ;

Oriental cuisine : Chinese cuisine , Arab cuisine ;

Kitchen republics : Azerbaijani cuisine , Armenian cuisine , Belarusian cuisine , Georgian cuisine , Kazakh cuisine , Latvian cuisine , Lithuanian cuisine , Moldovan cuisine , kitchen Tajik , Tatar cuisine , Uzbek cuisine , Ukrainian cuisine ;  

Other specialties : Jewish cuisine . Венигрет

Yes, with such a book can hold her husband every day journey to a new country for a romantic dinner. All agreed to receive. Oh, I've been delayed, after half an hour already met. If I'm here still linger on, first, late for an appointment, and secondly, bought up all the books in the store. Everything ran away. Heading straight to the metro and in the cafe ...

The girls had already gathered, how glad I am to see you all! After working all hungry, so there will be plenty of food and beverages. The waiter shouted discordantly order, bring snacks fish , the casseroles . No, we carry alcoholic beverages . And I could see the waiter-trainee from the noise and hubbub of the crowd of hungry girls? As a result, the table turned and vegetable snacks and mushrooms , for some reason brought dumplings and manta rays , they filed several kinds of sauces and dressings to snacks. A variety of alcoholic beverages surprised his colors. Here and creamy chocolate liqueur, and the Blue Lagoon, and peach Bellini and mahito and mulled wine. Just a real rainbow after the first spring rain.

Отбивные The meeting was very stormy, all were happy to see each other, exchanged impressions about last week. One of her friends showed off his new acquisition - steamer . She is actively involved in sports, and its diet consists of mineral and vitamin-rich food, and steaming makes food diet and tasty. It seemed to me that we have brought a few extra dishes. I do not remember if someone ordered a pizza from savory pastries and sweets from - candied ginger. Anyway, none of us did not even notice. Started Mardi Gras , and we discussed plans for the weekend. The city is full of festive events. And you want to choose the best of the best ...

Overall, the evening was a success! Cheerful and contented I came home, where I have been waiting for her husband. Пицца

Friday is coming to an end. Ahead of the weekend. And what is the law of dishonesty, you, too, so there? Saturday morning in the fridge is empty, some eggs lie on the safe side and a little butter. In a breadbox or a piece of bread, and store away from home. As well, once the husband insisted on buying Breadmaker , she helps out, especially on weekends. Laid the ingredients chosen time 6.00 am, and by 9:00 am, in time for breakfast, prepared fresh and fragrant hlebushek, with butter and jam with a cup of coffee - what should be the morning of the day .....

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